Cake Pop Slices are back!

Cake pop serving spoon is back!

The Cake Pop spoons are back in style, thanks to a re-release. 

The spoons can be bought at the bakery for 25 cents each, or as a $5.99 “special” gift.

The Cake pop spinner is a great gift for anyone.

The spoons look similar to the ones you see in the movie, but they’re also made with a softer plastic that’s softer and lighter than the regular plastic.

They come with a cute plastic bow, and they look great on the kitchen counter.

The new spoons also come with an additional “mcalisters spoon” that’s made of an extra-soft, silicone-filled coating that gives the spoons an extra spiffy look. 

Here’s what the new spoon looks like:Here’s the “molds” of the new Cake Pop serving spoon and “mobiles spoons”:Here’s a look at the sponges themselves:I have to say that I’m super happy with the new version of the Cake Pop spoon.

I love how soft and pliable they are, and I love that the bowl is so easy to flip the spoon around.

The plastic is also really good-looking.

I’ve also had the chance to use them with my other baking tools, and the handles are much softer than the standard plastic handles.

They feel good in my hands, and if you’re a regular cake pop fan, I would definitely recommend picking up a few. 

What do you think of the cakes and spoons?