The first time I made this spoon icing cream cake, I thought it looked like a dream.

But I was wrong.

It was actually a very, very real spoon icing recipe, and the results were incredible.

I made this one because it is a cake with a spoon.

Spoon icing is a delicious dessert, but it’s also a dessert with a lot of ingredients.

Spoonies are usually made with a pastry shell, but you can also use a plain cake pan or a cupcake pan.

You can make a sponge cake, too.

The recipe below will give you all you need to make this sponge cake.

I like to make my sponge cake as it is because it takes less time and less prep than a normal cake.

It also looks gorgeous. 

I hope you enjoy making this sponge-filled dessert as much as I did.