An article posted on YouTube on July 6, 2018, features a video demonstrating the creation of a pineapple spoon with a pineapple spoons base.

The video is titled ‘How to make Pineapple Spoon Cake’ and shows how to make a pineapple base cake.

It contains detailed instructions for how to mix the base cake and spoons ingredients.

The cake mix is then placed in the refrigerator and the spoons are allowed to set for 24 hours.

The recipe is made in less than an hour.

The instructions state that this cake should not be used for frosting, and it is advised that it should be used only as a cake.

The post was later removed from YouTube, but its title still appears on the channel’s homepage.

A review on the YouTube channel states that the cake was ‘very easy to make’, but adds: ‘Not sure if this recipe would work for people who are lactose intolerant, but the sponges are very soft and the base is super sweet.

A little bit of butter helps with the sweetening.’

A user on Reddit claimed that the video is ‘pretty cool’, but that the ‘bake time’ was much longer than the instructions.

‘I made this for a family and they all loved it,’ the user wrote.

‘The base was so soft, I couldn’t even eat it.’

A YouTube user posted an image of the cake in its base form.

It has been shared over 2.7 million times since it was uploaded on July 8.

The review also states that it is a ‘great example of the use of cake mix as a cooking ingredient’ and advises that it ‘would be great to see this type of cake in a similar way to the original recipe’.

The post has also been shared more than 6,000 times.

The creator of the video, who also goes by ‘daddy’ and is a member of the YouTube community ‘Lacto-Friendly’ on Reddit, claimed that he made the video as part of a project for a science fair project.

‘This was one of the first cakes I ever made.

It was really fun making the cake and the instructions were pretty easy,’ he said in the video.

‘One of the things I really like about cake mix (in general) is that it can be used to make very healthy, delicious recipes.

It can also be used as a base for a very healthy meal, so it would be really great to get some feedback from people who have tried it and to make it even more fun for people.

I have been using it in a couple of different ways as a foodie-friendly recipe and have used it in cooking classes, so hopefully it would make a good alternative to traditional cake mixes.’

The creator also said that he had ‘done a lot of research on pineapple’ and the video demonstrates how the sprigs could be used.

‘You can use this cake mix to make your own pineapple sponge, it has the perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness and it has an excellent texture,’ he wrote.

He also shared the video on Facebook and Instagram.

‘Here’s my recipe for Pineapple Sponge Cake.

It’s easy to whip up and makes about 10 minutes,’ he commented.

‘It is great for using as a quick and easy treat.

The sprig can also easily be stored in a container for up to a week in the fridge.

If you don’t have access to a food dehydrator, you can use a small bowl, a small mug or a food processor to blend the cake.

‘If you are not sure what to use it for, check out my other cake recipes.

For a dessert, I used this recipe for Strawberry Cake Cake.

I also used this for the Pineapple Coconut Cake and I used it for the Lemon Cake.’

I hope you enjoy it and enjoy the project.’

The cake, which is made with a 1/2 cup cake mix and 1/4 cup pineapple, is made from a cake mix that is made up of a base and sprig.

The base has a thick consistency, while the sprips are soft and smooth.

The ingredients can be purchased at most grocery stores.

A recipe for the sponge is available on YouTube.

The videos creator also posted a photo of his new cake, alongside a video of his old one.

‘My old cake was so hard to make.

I had so many mistakes in the past, but this cake was really easy to work with,’ he posted on Facebook.

‘A lot of work went into this cake and it took a lot longer than I thought it would.’

‘I really enjoyed making this cake.

I made it for my own science fair and it was a huge hit.

I will definitely be making this again next year.

It is very simple to make and you can do it all at once.’

The recipe includes instructions for the spinner, which can be made in about an hour and is