When a woman in Iowa refused to bake her own cake, she received a message on Twitter that read, “I don,t want to hear about this cake.

I am a woman, I do not want to have a cake baked for you.”

The message was from an account called the Spoon Cake Shop.

It posted a photo of the woman’s face and wrote, “You can make your own cake at home.

It is your choice.”

The account has since deleted the message, but has not been removed.

“I’m not a cake maker.

I have no intention of making this cake,” the woman said.

“I’m a human being, and you can tell I am very upset by this.”

The woman’s cake, which was supposed to have been baked on Wednesday, is currently being made on Friday.

The Spoon Cake shop did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The cake is not the first time a woman has come to the Spoon Shop and been told they can’t bake a specific cake for a particular transgender person.

A cake maker from Texas was told by the Spoon shop that she cannot bake a transgender woman’s birthday cake because it was a “non-transgender cake.”

The owner of the Spoon cake shop said he would not be removing the cake.

He told NBC News that he and the Spoon owner were speaking out on behalf of transgender people and they are trying to help transgender people.

“We are going to continue to do what we can to help people, to make sure they are not hurt or offended by this cake, because that is a matter of safety for us and for our customers,” the Spoon-owner told NBC.

“We don’t condone this type of behavior.”