When you think of cake from the spoon, it’s likely to come from the kitchen.

The first cake decorator to take the cake-making plunge was Ivanka Trump, who in 2012 helped launch a new company that sells and decorates white cake.

Now she and her husband, Jared Kushner, own the business.

The couple have a daughter, Ivanka, who is working on her own career in the private sector, and their son-in.

They have grown the business to include more than 20 shops, with more than half a dozen locations in New York, Florida, Colorado, and Maryland.

The family also owns a small restaurant and decorating company, as well as an online store and a bakery called Spoons of Light.

But it’s not always clear where the Trump family’s business is headed, with Kushner and Ivanka not having officially been named as president.

The company has been shuttered, but there’s no word on when it might reopen.

A spokesman for Ivanka did not respond to questions about whether she plans to reopen.

The Trump family is also looking to diversify its cake decorations, including buying a new bakery in New Orleans that specializes in the “pork and cheese” theme.

The business has been in the works for a while.

A month after Kushner bought the company, the family announced that they had acquired a second bakery, this one in New Jersey.

This year, the Trumps also bought a bakery in Kentucky that has been selling cakes and other baked goods for more than a decade.

The new bakery is in the heart of the city’s thriving commercial district, and the family has recently been selling baked goods in its retail store.

Ivanka Trump has been an executive at the company for more of her adult life than her father, but she hasn’t held that position since the day she married Jared Kushner in 1995.

She also recently became a co-owner of the company.

The two businesses have been busy lately.

In August, the couple also bought another bakery in Massachusetts, this time in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts.

The new bakery, called The Painted Cake Company, is also located in Springfield.

It’s not clear when the two businesses will open, though they’re planning on opening soon in New England.

But for now, The Paired Cake Company has been operating from a new location in Springfield and will soon have an office in the same building.

A spokeswoman for Kushner declined to comment on the timing of the new bakery.

The Paired Cakes Company opened on Nov. 17 in Springfield, according to its website.

It has been closed since then.

In May, Jared Trump told the Wall Street Journal that the family had begun to look at the possibility of opening a bakery and retail shop in Massachusetts.

“We’ve got a bakery on the way,” he said, noting that it would be the first bakery in the state.

“We’re looking at opening a shop in Springfield in the future.

And I think we could start sometime in November.”

The bakery, which sells its goods through its website, was not immediately available for comment.