A toy that was sold out after it was launched in 2011 is back on sale and selling for a bargain.

The original “dessert spoons” were an attempt to recreate the taste of the original Spoon of Life, a popular children’s toy that is now almost 30 years old.

Now, it is back in stock and the toy can be found on Ebay for around $20.

The toy was originally intended to be a toy for children aged two and up, but as the toys popularity grew, it became popular with kids of all ages.

The first Spoon, which is now sold out on Ebays, was a classic toy for young children.

It had four sides and a handle for the spoon and a plastic spoon with a round base.

The spoon and base was made of plastic, and the spoon could also be decorated with other spoons.

In an effort to get the toy back on the market, the owner of the company that made the toy, Edi’s Inc., wanted to give it a new life.

So Edi started selling them on Eboys, where people were buying them as gifts, but they were not very popular, said Edi.

After the initial demand died down, the company started offering them in small packages for the price of a single toy.

The new version, called the “Bubbles”, has a much smaller base and a smaller handle.

It is also made of a more durable material and has been made of an “all-new” sponge material, which has been found to be more durable than the old sponge.

It can now be bought at Ebay, for around 30% less than the original toy.

There is also a new version for children, called “Fluffy Spoons” that can be bought on Ebuyers for just $8.

Edi said the Sponge was a success, and she hoped that the company will be able to bring it back for sale again.

“The Sponge of Life is a popular toy and we’ve seen a huge resurgence in demand for these toys,” she said.

“We’re really excited to see how people react to them.”