A man who became a vegan and who now lives in a home with a cake spoon, told CNN he’s “absolutely happy” with his new diet.

The 45-year-old says he’s not “really vegan,” but he “would have never made it” without the help of the cake spoon.

“The spoon has changed my life and made my life better,” he told CNN.

“It’s made me healthier, I’m happier, I eat better and feel better.”

The man, who’s not identified, says he started eating a plant-based diet in 2015, after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and other ailments.

“I was a vegetarian for years, but the last few years I’ve been really open about it,” he said.

“After I was diagnosed with diabetes and my doctor prescribed me a diet that I’m not really familiar with, I decided I needed to change my lifestyle.”

A lot of people might think I’m crazy, but I’m a real person and I know what I’m doing.

“If it’s healthy, if it’s nutritious, if I feel good and I’m living a life of purpose, that’s a huge plus.”

His first cake spoon was given to him by his sister.

After finding out his sister had a cake dispenser in her home, he asked his doctor if he could give it to her.

“My sister and I have been in a relationship for 20 years, so we decided that we were going to do it together and give it away,” he explained.

“At first, I was so hesitant, but then I thought, this is so cool and I’ll give it anyway.”

He got the first one on a birthday party for a family member and he’s been eating the spoon ever since.

“This is my second cake spoon in about a month,” he added.

“So far I’ve never gone vegan.”

One of the things that’s great about veganism is that you can make your own cake and have cake that you really like and not have to buy the stuff that comes from a box.

“That’s a really good thing.”

He’s also a vegetarian and vegan.