Posted February 07, 2019 05:51:31 This dessert is a great way to indulge in a delicious chocolate dessert with your friends and family.

This chocolate spooncake is a chocolate cake filled with chocolate and topped with chocolate peanut buttercream frosting.

There’s no trick to this chocolate spoon-cake.

Just put some chopped nuts in the center, some chopped walnuts on top, and you have a perfectly-made chocolate spoon dessert.

It’s a great dessert to share with a group of friends or family.

For this chocolate-filled spooncake recipe, I used half and half and chocolate peanut-buttercream frostings, which are available at the grocery store.

These frostings can be made into cookies, cakes, or just desserts.

They can also be made in a food processor and then frozen.

You can make these frostings in advance, or you can use them right away.

Just be sure to cut the frosting into chunks so it’s easier to scoop out the pieces of chocolate.


Enjoy this chocolate cake recipe from The Chocolate Lover.

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