The company announced on Thursday that it has created a cake featuring Reese’s pet cake scoop.

The scoop has been part of the Reese’s chocolate bar since 2009, but its now a new, custom-made piece for Reese’s customers.

The original cake was made by Reese’s cake company and has been featured in various ads and marketing materials.

A spokesperson said that the new version is a “unique” one that is made for the new Reese’s cupcake.

“The original cake scoop was a custom Reese’s design for a limited time only, and it was an iconic part of Reese’s history and brand.

The design has been available for many years, but we wanted to create something a little different for our customers and we’re thrilled to bring it back with a new look,” the spokesperson said.

The new Reese, which costs $4.99, features a different design with the original scoop, and a new logo that also features a “reese” logo.

The company also says that it will be launching a new Reese cupcake on January 31.

The cake will be available at the store for $3.99.

Reese’s is known for its Reese’s Cups, which include chocolate covered chocolate bars.

The chocolate bars are typically served with a scoop and a chocolate cake, but the company is launching a version with a spoon and a spooncake, as well.

The cups are currently available at many specialty shops and on Amazon, where the cost is $1.99 for a 12-ounce one, or $4 for a 16-ounce cup.

The Reese’s Cup is available in three flavors: chocolate-covered, peanut butter and vanilla.

You can see the full list of flavors here.